Punta Arenas, Chile October 2016

Punta Arenas, Chile October 2016

Punta Arenas is a coastal town of about 127,000 people near the southern most point of Chile. There are more South locations on the South America continent but not by much! We stayed here there because we had a rough travel day getting so far from our starting point near the equator and initially we thought we would partake in some day tours out of Punta Arenas. Sadly many of the tours were just out of our budget so we just did the best that we could to enjoy a few days in the area before heading to Puerto Natales the gateway to Chiles spectacular national park Torres del Paine.

Punta Arenas isn’t exactly a small town, but as far as tourist options it is limited. We walked the town and immediately discovered a great coastline and some fantastic graffiti which Brad has been photographing since we left in locations all over the globe.

Punta Arenas also has a fun museum of ships including a replica of one of the ships Magellan used when discovering the Straight of Magellan and a replica of the Beagle, the ship Darwin sailed on to the Galapogos.

There is a big old cemetery which was interesting, a central square with a big statue, a ship wreck and a few museums. Overall it is a good place to use as a base if you are going elsewhere but not too much happening in town.

Our flights to Chile are in and out of Punta Arenas so even though we are visiting other locations in Southern Chile and Argentina we will go back for at least the flights and rental car return.


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