Quito, Ecuador September 2016

Quito, Ecuador September 2016

I think I mentioned in a previous post that Quito sits at 9100+ feet so naturally I have been feeling the effects of the altitude. In the past I have had pretty bad altitude sickness but this time it is really just a head ache and also of course it is hard to breath. Even small efforts make me huff and puff.  Brad said sometimes he is waking up at night having to take a few deep breaths. I haven’t really had that going on but definitely at other times it has been an adjustment.

Quito is a really pretty city. It is surrounded by mountains and we stayed in a great apartment with city views. We arrived right at the start of a full moon and it was really magical seeing the moon from our kitchen over the city. The sun goes down and comes up at the same time roughly every day. At 6:00 AM/PM. Also the temperature is pretty much the same every day about 72 degrees a.k.a perfect.

A couple of stand out things to note about Quito if you decide to visit-Amazing art. We visited the local craft market a few times plus the park- Parque Ejido- which was within walking distance of our apartment, had fantastic art for sale from several vendors. I wish I had more room in my luggage, but of course we only bring carry on bags so hauling art around for three months was out of the question.

Affordable taxi rides. We used a taxi only two times once from the airport which was about a 45 minute ride and once to get to the main plaza in the historic district (about 3 miles) and the airport ride was $25.00 the shorter ride was just $4.00.  They use American dollars here so that is really easy as well.
Food. We had several meals including beer for under $10.00 including tip. Many restaurants offer set menu lunches that include soup, juice, and an entree for about $2.50. The food is good, we enjoyed both chicken and fish here. The entree typically comes with rice and French fries plus salad. Very nice.

On Mondays at 11:00 AM the President greets the citizens by waving from the balcony of his palace which is located at Independance Plaza. We enjoyed the spectacle very much as it also includes fancy dressed guards and some horses as well and a band. Of course the President addresses the crowd, but it was in Spanish so I don’t know what he said but his words were well received.

Brad and I are off to the Galápagos Islands for a couple of weeks so I won’t be able to post anything until we return. Unless we happen to be onshore someplace with wifi. It will be good for both of us to disconnect for a couple of weeks. I am pretty excited to be going there. It really seems incredible that we will be able to go and see all the wild life and everything. Brad is an experienced snorkeler so he is excited for that. I am a novice snorkeler and am a bit nervous. Keeping my fingers crossed.


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