Weed, California August 2016

Weed, California August 2016

We originally had planned to overnight at the campsite at Jacksonville  Wellsprings for two nights because of the mineral pool and spa but unfortunately our stay would have included a Monday and the spa is closed on Mondays during the day and opens at night for ladies only night. So we left.

My title suggests that we stayed in the small town of Weed but really we were just outside of town at Stewart Mineral Springs. I learned of Stewart from my daughter when she and I stayed there when I was helping her drive to Portland a couple of years ago when she was relocating. Stewart offers private mineral baths, a wood fueled dry heat sauna and a cold plunge plus other treatments. They have tepees, cabins and apartments, plus campsites. We elected a campsite which was primitive but fine.

Mainly we wanted to rest and relax in the mineral spring infused waters. Brad had a sore back so we figured some down time in a mineral bath would be the ticket.  I thought he would want a massage but he declined.

So the way the baths work is that for $30.00 you get one and a half hours in a private bath plus all day use of the dry heat sauna and outdoor cold plunge. They also have showers. Basically they suggest a mineral soak, then hot sauna, then cold plunge. Repeat. I suggested to Brad we soak for about ten minutes each time with the follow ups and it worked out really well. The more times you dry heat sauna and cold plunge the easier it gets.

I really like it at Stewart Mineral Springs, it’s relaxing and a bit more upscale than Jacksonville Wellsprings for about the same camping price. The spa was more expensive but the experience seemed well worth it.

The down side to our location was the huge “Gap” fire which was burning nearby. We didn’t smell any smoke when we arrived but when we woke up in the morning it was super smokey. I was kinda alarmed so we asked and they told us about the fire and let us know it was not coming our way but honestly it seemed unhealthy to breathe in all that smoke so we decided to leave.

If you go to Stewart it is clothing optional out on the deck, in the sauna and in the cold plunge. Brad and I enjoyed our naked time, and of course it is a really respectful place but I thought you should be aware if you go that there are naked people there.


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