Campeche, Mexico December 2016

Campeche, Mexico December 2016

Campeche is a walled city on the west coast of the Yucatán Peninsula. I found the walled part of the city to be lovely.

We decided to visit because at one point many years ago we talked about “retiring” in Ecuador or Mexico and Campeche came up as a possible destination. Now of course since I quit my job and re thought my future employed life and money earnings I don’t think I will retire. It seems very unlikely that I would spend many years not focusing on producing something, although of course I don’t have it all figured out how I can continue to contribute in my later years.

In any case we also visited Campeche in order to visit the Mayan ruins of Edzna which was really nice. It was a small site with some very impressive structures and with a really nice layout.  I can easily say I would recommend.

We also were lucky to visit Campeche during the beginning of their community holiday celebration for Christmas. They had a big stage right by the church at the main plaza with free entertainment and a festive feel. It was sweet.

I am unsure if I would return to Campeche. Even though we were there for several days we didn’t do too much. Both of us felt a bit beat up from our time in Xpujil. Mainly from the really hard beds and pillows, it  was like being on cement with a thin layer of mattress. And I don’t think we had actual pillows I think they were folded up blankets in a pillow case so they weren’t forgiving at all.

In any case Campeche was fine but the beaches are a long way from town and only one historic site in the area means for me that I was glad to visit but likely won’t return.


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