Cancun, Mexico January 2017

Cancun, Mexico January 2017

Our last stop before we return home. I have been anxious the past couple of weeks or so (perhaps longer) to get back to the USA and to begin living a normal life versus a nomadic life. Travel has been eye opening and I will go over many of my observations and experiences in a final blog soon after we return but for now my biggest issue will be which beach should we hang out at today?

Cancun seems like an impossible location. We are staying in the “hotel zone” which seems like a strip of sand in the Caribbean Sea. I am not sure how it is not swept away during rough seas or during hurricane season. But it is here and likely to remain with all the hotels and shopping it must be a safe investment at least that’s what the corporations believe.

Of course Cancun is spendy and we are here in the peak of high season so of course I am trying to be sure we do our best not to overspend. That meant a trip to the grocery store for breakfast foods like yogurt and fruit.  Fortunately our hotel offers coffee so we should be good to go with our purchases. Enough to get us out the door in the morning and hold us until our lunch/dinner later in the afternoon.

I did have brief temper tantrum foot stomp at the store when seeking unsweetened natural yogurt with full fat. Basically I just blurted out,  “I just want some fucking unsweetened plain yogurt!!!” Brad said, “Well, we will be home next week.”  And of course in the scope of the things I have done, seen and eaten it’s no biggie. But I was having a moment.Cancun has been relaxing and I did have some great meditation moments here as I begin to shift my focus. We found a couple of fun restaurants to eat at and enjoyed the beach near our hotel. It is a public beach and we were able to rent chairs and an umbrella for $15.00.  The sand is super fine and white and the conditions each time we went we calm and perfect. There were many local families with small kids there so the little kids played non stop in the minimal surf. That was fun to watch. I remembered being a little kid and swimming for hours and then feeling that crazy hunger and tiredness at the end of the day. Ahhh fond memories.

Brad and I decided to take a surf lesson while here. We happened to be at a taco shop and the place next door offers lessons. We overheard an Australian family making arrangements so we decided it would be good for us to try as well. It was pretty fun but the waves were pretty close together and it was also very physical. We both were able to get up and surf which was fun.  Really it was just a great way to finish off our journey. No photos though because we didn’t want to bring all our valuables to the beach and leave them unattended.

Cancun has lots to offer. It is super touristy. We had dinner at a place that does this funny drink service where they balance the drinks on their head. I have seen this before in Mexico but I didn’t really connect the dots. I guess that must be some kind of traditional/cultural thing and we were the lucky recipients of that special service.

I likely wouldn’t return to Cancun it’s a bit too touristy for me but for a first time traveler to the area I am sure it would be fun.


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