Chiclayo, Peru November 2016

Chiclayo, Peru November 2016

Chiclayo is a big city near the Pacific coast in Northern Peru. 970,000 people live in the city or within the limits of the city area. We were unsure where to stay since Chiclayo doesn’t seem to have a typical historic district like many other South American towns so we decided to be near “Parque Principal” and that worked out. We were able to walk to the park ( like a Plaza de Armas ) to food, and to book tours.

To get to Chiclayo from Chachopoyas we had to take another overnight bus. This time I booked in the VIP section which was on the lower level and had just bigger seats and more legroom. The seat were basically like a recliner. It was still a pretty difficult ride with little sleep but definitely better and worth the extra 25 Peruvian sols, which is about 6 US dollars. Still we needed a rest when we arrived at our hotel at 6:00 AM. Fortunately we were able to check in right away so we showered and took a nap once we got there.

In Chiclayo we visited three museums and one historic site. It actually all came together quite nicely since the big archeology museum is closed on Mondays we were only able to book the accompanying historic site plus two other museums on the day we took a tour, then we were able to visit the big archeological museum using a taxi the following day. I thought it worked out quite well.

What didn’t work out was a visit to the artesian market which I guess is part of the huge open air market near where we were staying. It is vast, and from what I could see filled with modern import items that locals would be interested in, plus many butcher shops and fish stalls but I couldn’t find any local arts and crafts there. But of course as I mentioned it is really huge and pretty confusing once inside.

Chiclayo was our last stop in Peru and while I love it here I will be glad to get to our next stop. Peru does make it incredibly easy as a tourist to visit sites, book tours and to get around, but Peru also has a lot of pollution, there is a lot of smog and the air is smokey so for my health and breathing I will be glad to get to fresh air.


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