Cozumel, Mexico December 2016

Cozumel, Mexico December 2016

Ahhh Mexico, what a delightful place to be. I was so excited to arrive back in Mexico after having visited so many places we are not familiar with, it was just a huge relief to arrive someplace I feel I already know.

Brad and I originally planned to visit south east Asia, but he and I both were having a hard time getting excited about Vietnam and Cambodia. Not that those countries wouldn’t be fantastic to visit, I think we both just feel a bit burnt out with planning all the time, plus the stress of traveling in places we don’t know at all is getting to us. When I mentioned to Brad we should consider Yucatán he was pretty excited to go back and I was too!

We have been to Yucatán a couple of times, we mainly focus on seeing Mayan ruins, but there are so many to see it would take many months to see them all.  Originally we took Yucatán off our list for this year because it is so close to home and we figured we should knock out the hard stuff this year. Now of course I know it is good to just do the easy thing on occasion.

In any case I am thrilled to be in the warm sun here in Cozumel. It is sunny, touristy, easy and packed with cruise ship people. Up to five cruise ships arrive six days a week. One of the ships is a massive 10,000 passenger floating city!  The other must have 3,000 to 5,000 passengers each. The Disney cruise ship has a huge water slide. Crazy-

Brad and I have been spending most of our time at a beach bar restaurant called the Money Bar. We like it because it has snorkeling, lounge chairs, showers, bathrooms and food service. We just taxi ride there then we can sit at the beach all day, swim a bit, snorkel, read, (I read Peter Benchleys Jaws) drink beer, have lunch, and taxi back to town. It is about the most lazy thing I can imagine. I love it.

Cozumel also has lobster. We have had lobster most days in tacos or on a roll. It is so delicious I feel like weeping every time I have that first delicious bite. Normally I don’t care for daily restaurant food, I would cook if I had a kitchen but frankly I don’t know how to cook lobster like they do here, and one of the places we have been going to offers cheap homemade tequila shots (Mexican moonshine) which is actually really pretty good and just a couple of bucks a shot. Yum!  Tequila and lobster tacos may be one of the best treats we have had all year.
So Cozumel isn’t totally our usual type of visit, we mostly avoid touristy places but this has been really fun and super relaxing. We have enjoyed our time so much we are planning to come back toward the end of the month for a post ruins tour relaxation vacation from our vacation before we finally head home.


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