Missing Thanksgiving due to travel.

Missing Thanksgiving due to travel.

Thanksgiving is normally my favorite annual celebration. Most years I hang out with my daughters and their families in a day long food fest fest that makes me supremely happy.

One year I was in Myanmar so I missed Thanksgiving with my kids but that time seemed less sad to me because I was coming home shortly thereafter and I hadn’t been away so long.

Our tradition includes lots of mulled wine, cute outfits, and pies. Last year I made three pies, including an apple pie with an einkorn flour crust that turned out delicious. This year I am in Peru reflecting on how a year of travel has changed me, and of course how I have remained the same.

Next year I hope to make pies again, one of my favorite things to do, as well, I hope to be with my kids and grandchildren on Thanksgiving. It is reallly  impossible to know about the future. When Brad and I decided to take time out for travel we had the unknown future on our minds. I didn’t want to be a person who’s life comes to an end who has regrets. Travel has always been on my mind. Even when I was a little girl I thought about exploring the world and I am glad I took the risk to change my life. I have no idea what the final outcome will be but I believe travel has been good idea for me.

So this year even though I am missing my family a lot I am thankful for many things. For one I am glad I am not home dealing with the fallout from the election. Brad and I don’t totally agree on politics so it has been difficult to have just one person to converse with, especially when we don’t see eye to eye, but I am glad I am not in the USA because I imagine it is much of what people are talking about. Not that I don’t have feelings but I need to focus of what I can do to help others and not focus on what I can’t change.  For me I feel like this is the best way to preserve what is most important to me personally, my good attitude.

I am thankful our travel days are coming to an end. This year has been exceptional, I can’t believe all the things I have seen and done. But I will be glad to come home later this winter. I am looking forward to the simple things I have enjoyed in the past, like a clothes closet, a kitchen, being allowed to flush toilet paper, a varied wardrobe and fashion boots.  I am looking forward to going to the produce section at the grocery store and having the amazing variety of vegetables and fruit we have access to. Also being able to just buy stuff that I can’t easily get when out of the USA. Sometimes simple items like pain reliever or other things that are on shelves in the USA are items that must be purchased by asking the pharmacist in much of the rest of the world.  With a language barrier that can be a real challenge.  Lately I have been using my phone to take pictures of what I need and showing that to the pharmacist. This has been working quite well.

When we were in a small town in Ecuador I needed to get ice for my cooler that I keep my medication in and we didn’t know the word for ice, also no one had any ice at all we went to all the stores, many restaurants and finally had luck getting a nearby restaurant to freeze GatorAid bottles we had filled with water.  I am thankful that worked out because I really didn’t want to toss out months of medication again because of improper storage.

One of my favorite things is to be with my kids. I enjoy their company so much. And of course the grandchildren are perfection. Being away from them has been at times very difficult. Being so far away, the distance, felt uncomfortable at times. But soon I will be living in the same town which is really a relief. I am thankful that Brad has agreed to live with me in Portland. I am thankful that he has been open to changing his life.

I don’t know about my future, but I can say that my past has been interesting and that I have done a lot in my life. So I think on Thursday I will reflect on my feelings of gratitude and look forward to my homecoming early next year.


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