Puerto Williams, Chile November 2016

Puerto Williams, Chile November 2016

The most southern town in the world is Puerto Williams. It is about 62 miles from Cape Horn which is the problematic area where the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans meet.  Magellan found the passage later named the Straight of Magellan that avoids the rough seas at Cape Horn which made sailing around the horn so dangerous.

The whole area of southern Chile is pretty interesting as far as maritime history goes. We were able to see the Beagle Chanel in Puerto Williams which is named after the ship Darwin was on.  We also went to the museum and learned a little bit about the indigenous people. They made big fire on land and in their canoes to stay warm but didn’t really wear clothes which is hard to believe because it’s pretty cold and windy here all the time. Even in spring.

Puerto Williams is a really small town. Originally we hoped to fly down and take a long ferry ride back up the coast but it was sold out so we decided to fly down and back and stay overnight. In southern Chile we have had some difficulties with planning. Much of the info on the web is in Spanish, or people don’t use the web for marketing as much as other parts of the world so finding places to stay and transportation has been hard.  But we figured it out and it was really pretty and I can now say I have been very far south. Hmmm.

There are cruises that will float up or down the coast but they were outside of our budget. So we just did the best that we could.

I would say the biggest surprise in Puerto Williams were the large green parakeets, and the late spring snowfall which was pretty fun to wake up to.  I also enjoyed watching the horses at our hotel. They hung out on the front lawn and would sometimes run around chasing each other.

We also had a nice lunch of crab empanadas and seafood soup. Crab is easy to come by in southern Chile so the empanadas were packed full of crab and really delicious. Most restaurants serve king crab in generous portions for about $18.00 US but they serve it with mayonnaise instead of melted butter so it’s different. The other thing in abundance in southern Chile is avacado. The mash it up and put it in huge heaps on hotdogs and hamburgers with of course a big glob of mayo. I thought the hot dogs were really good like this. They also use a very mild kind of sour crout and chopped tomatoes as condiments.

Overall the cost to visit Puerto Williams was high and with the very cold weather I am not sure how much fun trekking would be there. If you go be prepared. We had a really hard time finding a place to stay and ended up taking a room at the most expensive hotel in town and so far on this trip. It was almost $300.00 per night so that was not too fun. I would recommend making advanced arrangements, I think because it’s such a small town there are just not too many rooms available overall.


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